Sunday, April 24, 2005

More cool stuff

Like many busy mamas, I spend a lot of time in the car, driving hither and yon. Some of that time, I have offspring with me. But other times, I'm returning alone from dropping someone off, or heading off alone to pick someone up. Inevitably, while by myself in the car, I will suddenly remember something that needs to be added to my endlessly undone "to do" list. With my old cell phone, this was no problem---it had a voice recorder feature.

But now...

For years, I've wanted a small digital voice recorder. Back in my PDA days (I've discovered a paper and pen planner works better for me) I had an attachment that turned my Handspring into a voice recorder. But this was unwieldy and awkward and I seldom used it.

Usually when I want something, I research it a bit, hunt for online reviews and info, etc. But today, while out running errands, I just bought one impulsively. For all I know, it could be the worst digital voice recorder on the market. Or maybe I lucked out and it's the best.

It certainly is handy.

Now I'm imagining that I may resurrect an old quirky practice from my college days, when I would sometimes use my small cassette recorder to create "voice journals", full of observations, random background noises, etc., as I went along my day. I would dictate story ideas, or character descriptions, or dramatic openings for stories. People who saw me babbling this stuff into my recorder probably thought I was insane.

Now that I think about it, the general public doesn't need any more evidence of my weirdness. Maybe I won't do voice journaling after all.

But it will be nice to be able to record quick notes and reminders to myself. No more coming home and trying to recall what I was thinking on the freeway when I made a mental note to do...what??

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  1. How dreamy!!!!!!!

    Now, if they'd only come out with waterproof ones - I tend to remember things in the shower and then promptly forget when I get out. :-P