Sunday, April 10, 2005

Cool stuff

Some stuff that I think is cool, in no particular order:

1. iTunes on a Mac iBook or PowerBook. Son #1 has been busily putting our family music CD collection into iTunes, so he could hook his cute little laptop up to our stereo and entertain us with assorted playlists of music. So cool!

2. iPod Shuffle - I resisted the iPod craze until this came along. Now I'm doing some of my workouts to my own private soundtrack. I enjoyed listening to hours of worship music on a recent train trip. This tiny, affordable iPod is super-easy to use and, no, you don't have to play the music randomly.

3. Single Serve Coffee - The website is cool, but so is the Senseo coffeemaker I've been enjoying for some time now. I just discovered Cool Beans and am eager to try their coffee pods. If you are in the UK, or don't mind ordering from there, you'd probably be interested in CafePods. (They do ship to the US.)

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